Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i've sprung a leak

so its confirmed - my band has a leak. the port to be more specific. i was supposed to be up to 8 ccs and when they withdrew to check, it was only 5. he filled me up with a more viscous fluid than the saline solution, up to 6.5. well actually he filled it to 7 but then i couldn't swallow my saliva and started throwing up and feeling awful so he took out 0.5 ccs. i have an appt in a couple weeks where they will check to see that it is still at 6.5 or close to. if its not, then the port will have to be changed. meaning, another surgery. a short, 10 minute surgery, but surgery nonetheless.... i am glad i finally addressed this. i do not know what took me so long to figure this out. anyway, hopefully we are back on track.

it wasn't supposed to be easy but this happens in like 1 percent of patients - and of course happened to me.

i feel better but not great. its been a while since i had a real fill i guess and i forgot how lovely this feels. gagging, burping, choking, gagging again. i can drink liquids verrry slowly and just spent 40 minutes having a scoop of ice cream - it was mostly melted - not good for me but i needed food but obviously couldn't tolerate anything. so ice cream. now having some tea. at least i do not feel hungry after a scoop of ice cream, right??!

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