Saturday, August 15, 2009

one step forward, two steps back

i had to go in and have some liquid removed since i was unable to swallow my saliva. a familiar tale. anyway, i am better now AND feeling restricted, not too tight but tight enough that i cannot just eat whatever. i am chewing a lot and taking tiny bites. i think this is how its supposed to be. i'm hopeful that when i go back in two weeks, i will not only have lost weight but the more viscous liquid will be holding the leak. pray pray pray.

i also did something today i have not done in a year almost - gone to the gym! first i didnt feel like it, then couldnt afford it. now i have paid it up and added it to my budget and went for an hour today followed by a leisurely stroll around park slope. it feels great. i'm going out to a party tonight too.

the budget is OKAY, straining this week i must admit due to the costs of the baby shower last weekend. but i have enough for a bottle of wine tonight to bring to the fete. i transfered some money from savings which my sister will shoot me for but i will repay myself next paycheck - i just do not want to be down to NOTHING. i have food and all that but its still awful to not have a dime to your name.

also, finally getting grown up furniture! my sister is selling me her living room set on RIDICULOUS discount and on lay away but delivering immediately. i'm so excited! i love this apartment but never have anyone over (except idiots i'm hooking up with) because i have this beat down, to' up couch and a weird thing my tv sits on. i still need a new tv stand but have nice bookshelves, nice art and now nice seating!!

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