Sunday, June 28, 2009

on a budget and on a diet!

i am on a budget! i worked with my super smart sister to put myself on a detailed budget. we cut out over $200 in monthly expenses from cellphone, cable (!) and internet service - i got different providers or changed level of service. i am at work all the time so i don't need the supersize premium packages. i mean, i am watching a documentary about "hand fishing" on pbs so definitely missing the showtime and hbo right now. i will get over it. and as long as i get my act together and get my savings up, i can get it again...

i bought tons of groceries today. we went to costco and the supermarket. economy package of litter, tuna, pasta sauce, chicken, pita, cold cuts, fruits and veggies. i split some with my sister as much of this would go bad otherwise. my sister also gave me some soups, couscous, curry mix, tea and crystal light as well i also don't have that much storage space. i made dinner tonight, lunch for tomorrow. since i am making it myself and planning ahead, i am making healthier meals and healthier snacks. so it will help the diet as well.

thats the thing about the lap band - or any other bariatric surgery. you still have to watch what you eat. you can eat a wide array of yummy things but you simply cannot eat very much. you cannot have ice cream and mashed potatoes every day - these are "soft calories". you can take in more ice cream than grilled chicken for example which is loaded with calories and fat and so you can gain weight. you have to figure out what you can tolerate and what you cannot.

recently, my fills have not been so filling. i still feel hungry and within a couple days can eat a ton. i am going back on july 6th for another adjustment. what is this, the third in five weeks? i mean, i guess its trial and error for these first few months but its frustrating. it is. i want to keep making progress. that said, the budget is addressing this directly and indirectly.

nothing new with boys. someone emailed me on match "hey. can i eat you out". shakespeare has nothing on this poet! since i have not been seeking out mr craigslist, he has been seeking me out. we had an alfresco picnic with wine the other day. and now he wants to make me dinner - his homemade meatballs. (hmm... i hope this wasn't a pun.) its confusing!

i went to brunch with a friend, her husband and their two kids. when you see a couple like that, you're like "oh yeah, it happens." and it looks great.


  1. I just love reading your blog and secretly wish {hint hint} you would post more often. You have and easy almost conversational style and I love the beautiful way you construct imagry. But enough of that.

    Listen... I'm hardly one to give advice, and I know you are doing just fine on your own thankyouverymuch, but I have a suggestion. Take it or leave it.

    Since I have lost a significant amount of weight on Weight Watchers I wonder if it would benefit you to follow the program in combination with your LapBand surgery to get the maximum results of both? WW will help you nutritionally by guiding you with lower fat and suger options while the LabBand will help with portion and hunger issues. In my non-medical non-professional opnion, it would be rather a Grand Slam, right? And WW is very flexible and doable. Just a thought for my new friend who I admire greatly.

    PS: The Shakespeare comment was pure brilliance.

  2. alix - i think thats a great idea and one i am taking seriously. thank you. i have been on ww in the past and been successful so why not a double whammy?