Thursday, July 2, 2009

a long weekend ahead

so i'm officially ON THE BUDGET. its intense but good. my sister is really helping me. i have an aggressive plan to save and pay down debt.

i canceled my trip to las vegas. it was for a bachelorette that i was ambivalent about to begin with. fun vacay but expensive and i just could not enjoy it. i will tell the bride this weekend and face that wrath. actually just received the bridesmaid dress. $300 and not that nice. i haven't tried it yet but i ordered it before i lost some weight so it looks huge. i am going to wait until a month before the wedding to get it tailored. if i am still in the wedding that is.

this is a long weekend that i have been looking forward to for a while. i need the rest. but its a little sad to not have any plans/not be able to afford plans. but this is nyc - i should be able to find a party or bbq and some free or close to free activities. and if its not too hot, lots of time to walk around the beautiful neighborhood. i can still afford an iced coffee and some people watching after all...

mr craigslist and i have been seeing each other. (he isn't married alix but i did consider that he had a girlfriend or something somewhere!) i really need to cut it off entirely but its hard. dating in this city is hard to begin with and even harder when you don't fit some ideal of beauty. hard but not impossible. i keep looking...

at least my cats love me no matter what i look like or what my breath smells like in the morning!

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  1. Can you hear my applause all the way from Florida? You should!

    Living on a budget is hard as hell, but doable. In fact, I think it's actually easier to do lots of self-reinvention when you take on a project like weight loss, because if you're doing something that requires dedication, discipline, sticktoitiveness, anyway, why not let it apply to all the other things you want to accomplish? It worked for me. Since the beginning of February, I've quit smoking, greatly reduced my alcohol intake, and lost a bunch of weight. It was actually easier to do all those things together.

    As for Mister Craigslist... glad he's not M, but if he's not making you the center of his universe you're better off moving on. You know what you're doing.

    I continue to be excited to follow your blog and all your progress. Just wish I knew your name....