Monday, July 6, 2009

the good life... one day

i feel great. i had a fill today and had some soup for dinner and feel full. i had one cc put into my band, now up to 6 ccs. i am not as restricted as i think i should be but the nurse assures me that we are building up nicely even though i am up one pound. i have my next appt in three weeks.

the budget is good so far. i have told all and sundry about it and everyone is supportive. i just went over the bills with my sister again today and am doing great. once things get further along, my entertainment budget will increase a smidge. i really have to allocate my 401a and 403b but haven't done that yet. rome wasnt built in a day.

as i said before, the budget is also helping me eat healthier. for lunch/snacks tomorrow, i have some tuna salad, a slimfast and a mango. except for my morning coffee "treat" no money spent.

this blog is turning out to be about money as well as weightloss which i did not anticipate but which is just right for me. those are the two areas of my life which i have struggled with consistently and am finally doing something about. i feel hopeful and empowered now which is just amazing.

the weather is beautiful right now so i did some walking today too which also feels good. i am SO tired though. i had too much coffee i think today so the post-caffeine crash is kicking me in the head. going to do some reading, some homework (grad school is no joke) then bedtime!

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  1. Soooo proud of you on all fronts! Rome wasn't built in a day, indeed!