Wednesday, July 15, 2009

one step forward, one step back

i finally completely broke up with mr. craigslist. he does not want the type of serious relationship i want and likely never will so it needed to happen. still sucks though. i seem to have a habit of meeting and dating men that are commitment-phobic or something. except, they often seem to marry the person they date RIGHT AFTER ME.

anyway, i have a date with someone from on friday after work. i am not that excited about it but i have to get back into the saddle so to speak...

foodwise - okay. i had a little post-breakup pig out but certainly not at the level that it could have been. have to get back on the horse tomorrow (what is with these lame metaphors today!).

i really need to go to the gym but i owe them money and they were not having it. i plan to pay that down soon so i can go. it will help with weight loss and mood and i need that.

the budget is going well mostly. its hard but necessary. i told the bride that i cannot go to vegas for her bachelorette. unfortunately we already have a strained relationship from the past and it just seemed like another inconsiderate move on my part. i do feel bad about it but it is what it is. my friend should be able to move past this and think about what a real friend is - which is rush to her side when she needs me, stay on the phone for hours when she needs it, be her support... but sometimes that doesn't matter, i guess. we will see.

life goes on.

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